About this site

Often am I asked, "My guy, why did you make this website?"

I hope to give you that answer here and so that in the future I can just point people to this page when they ask me that question again.

I made this site because I wanted a place to put fun little things. I like the appeal of WEB 1.0, it reminds me of the good old days, kind of like myspace. I also want to give this site Big Zine energy.

On that note - some aspects of todays "Internet" can be fucking atrocious. Collection and use of personal data by large tech companies is used for targeted advertising & data mining. Shady people use this data to swing elections via social media, which in my mind is 100% unethical. Authoritarian governments can also force tech companies to provide information on people who break laws - such as women seeking illegal abortion. That is pretty fucked up guys. Not to mention, rampant misinformation online. Note that if there are lies on this site, its only because I'm doing a joke or a bit.

So, I suppose this site (and I figure other personal sites like these) is a CounterCulture to big tech social media. It's not contstained by limits of a social media site, the site wont advertise products, its not got cookies to track you. I'm not getting paid to make this, but it would be pretty cool if I did.

You may notice that if you see a page one day and then the next it is different, its probably because this site is in perpetual construction. I want it to grow and develop it organically. Theres not many mediums where you can do that, and that is pretty wild if you ask me.

You might notice a lot of fun spelling mistakes and grammer errors, these are the happy little trees of writing, and you can probably get the gist of what the word was anyway. language is evolving and it's just made up anyway lol.

I Am a proud member of the WorldWideWep, you can tell because I have this badge which makes if official:

About me

I'm just some guy who is enjoying making this wonderful lil wepsite! I'm currently in the UK and I look exactly like this (but with a body) 🧔🏻
I'm a millenial capricorn communist, my pronouns are "he/him," as per the image

The work is important and mysterious.

- Severence

As I've said, this is a personal website and these are my personal thoughts. In this space I'm having fun and trying to be honest and authentic to myself. I know that people will think this site is weird, and by extension think that I'm weird.

Weird has negative connotations, it is used as an insult - Freak, outcast, reject, weirdo. Something that is weird means that it is not conforming to what is normally accepted or divergent from what is typical.

I think I've been weird all my life. I don't conform to the norm and because of that I have felt a lot of loneliness and alienation in my life. But I know for a fact that some people love me for who I am, my uniqueness, my weirdness. I'm just some guy teaching myself that weird is wonderful.

contact: kwason@cyber-wizard.com