DND Characters

a collection of characters I've made

Do YOU play the popular table top game Dungeons and Dragons?? it is pretty fun I guess. you get to have fantasy adventures with your friends and things can get silly. i digress, this page is going to be a list of charachters I've made over the years and their backstory. It's probably not interesting to you but hey this is my websiote and I'm doing things my way

Fei D'Ora

Fei D'Ora was a young tiefling bard. His golden voice and lute songs spirited on some fine adventurers along The Sword Coast. Ever the gentleman, he frequently attempted to chat up the ladies, much to their bemusement. Though one day he did manage to charm one lucky lady along his travels of the 'Coast - he married and had two children.
Now, a retired adventurer, he plays sweet sweet melodies at the tavern in a small town named Beregost.

Wilrin Mountainpebble

Wilrin is a member of the Way of the Hin Fist. A movement of martial arts style adapt for halflings, it uses their small size and nimbleness to their advantage. He worshiped the halfling gods Yondalla and Arvoreen, the latter being his inspiration and aspiration.
Arvoreen was strict and preached aggressive watchfulness but only to react to aggression. He didn't support starting conflicts unless it was done to stop evil practices. Wilrin believed that his mind and body was a gift from Yondalla, and that should be developed and used to the fullest.
He adventured from the Cloudy Peaks to help out his Hin (halfling) brothers for a time before settling in Baulder's Gate.

Galan Oakbroke

Galan lived in The High Forest all his life with his tribe. In this forest the strong survive and the weak perish. His tribe live a nomadic life and keep themselves to themselves. The tribe, his pack, his family mean everything to him.
The tribe worship Urogalan (Galan's namesake), the halfling deity of earth and death. Full moons, known as Earthrisings, are a holy time as they believed the full moon to be one of Urogalan's manifestations.
He has terrible, terrible visions. Since the last Earthrising, Galan has been troubled with visions of an impending disaster -The High Forest ablaze in radiant fires.
Whilst his people are experts in surviving in the wild forest they have little knowledge about visions and the outside world. Galan sensed that the visions were some kind of calling and made the painful decision to leave his tribe in search for answers. Perhaps if he could stop the disaster from happening he could atone for the sins of his forefathers...
Galan had a couple of adventures around The Sword Coast. His stunning strikes and tenacity and were the stuff of legend.
His current whereabouts are unknown.


General of the Swamp War, hero of the realm. Monet entered the Mountain of Madness to track down his lost brother Rodin, and to raise funds for veterans of the Swamp War. Whilst in the Undermountain, Monet aligned himself with some forminable companions. They stuck together through the toughest of times, even when Monet was inflicted with maddening lycanthropy from a werebat.
His shield bash combo was the stuff of legends, as was his ability to breathe through his ass.
Through the help of his companions and the Swamp Rangers, he put an end to The Swamp War 2 before it even started and became King of the Swamp.
Monet died at the hands of a powerful lich, his companions were too far away to help.
RIP in peace Monet.😥

Edwin Evince

Edwin Watchfair, noble son of Basil Watchfair and heir of the Watchfair Estate. He lived a life of luxury... and boredom. After discovering a strange lantern in the depths of the estate tombs, a noble genie appeared. The djinni convinced Edwin to become his apprentice in exchange for phenomenal cosmic power. Edwin agreed all too hastily as the pact also deformed his human appearance to that of an infernal tiefling.
Shocked and dismayed, Basil Watchfair disowned his son stripped him of his title.
Despite this, Edwin has come to terms with his appearance, embracing his new form and power, taking on the virtue name "Evince"
Banished from the Watchfair Estate, Edwin Evince wishes to prove that he can survive by himself and reach the fame and power to win back the approval of his family.
Edwin is currently in space.

Lark (?)

Once a mastermind of a criminal network, "Lark" is a now member of a secretive and elusive guild of lethal assassins - the name of this order would strike fear into a mans heart... if it were still beating. Yes, they are that good.
"Lark" himself has had many names in the past... Speve.. Berro.. He wears an identity as long as he needs to in order to reach and eliminate his targets. After some adventuring around the Sword Coast, he found his way into the fae realm. There he discovered and mastered The Way of the Soul Knife - a deathly psychic technique which has only made Lark more deadly.
His current target is none other than Halister Blackcloak - the ruler of the Undermountain. Will Lark succeed in killing the Mad Mage himself? Tune in next week to find out.