The Wish

some creative writing I did do.

A few years ago I read Jula Cameron's book The Artists Way.
In short, its a book about creativity and it has some great ideas contained within the pages. It is also a kind of guide / workbook into unlocking peoples creativity, and a large part of the process, Jula believes, is to silence the inner critic by writing daily pages.
These daily pages could be any kind of writing. Dreams, thoughts, lists, the same word repeated over and over. you get the idea. The daily pages are not meant to be looked back to, read or shared. but hey, its been a few years and I've had a look back, there are some nice whimsical imaginative bits and pieces here and there and I'd like to share some of them. so here is some creative writing and expect some mopre in the future

This weekend I befriended a bird.
It's feathers were brown, speckled with gold. It's eyes were like galaxies and it sung ethereal melodies, calling me towards it. Drawing me in.
I approached slow and with caution. It stayed there, watching me.
The bird plucked a feather from its wing and gave it to me. A gift. As I studied the feather, the bird had gone.
I looked up towards the heavens and saw it soaring in the sky, and in that moment I realized that I too could fly.
I took off towards it but lost it in the sunlight.
As I made my way towards some clouds, the trees and houses became smaller. Wind rushed around me, cold like electricity. I pressed on, touched the clouds, they felt like cotton.
I wrapped them around me like a blanket and laid down to watch the geese rows fly across the setting sun.
Soon enough, stars appeared. I could not see the constellations that I know, so I made up my own. I gave them stories and legends.
Shooting star, I make a wish. Why can't life be just like this?
I find the feather with flecks of gold and let it go, it spirals.