I complained

work is being 2 stressful 4 me

So I had to write a letter which addressed issues that I've been experiencing. I then asked my good friend chatGPT to turn it into a poem. this is mostly what the came up with but I've edited it quite a bit (which in my opinion is how chatGPT should be used)

without further adieu:

Expressing Concerns: A Letter from an Overwhelmed Employee

Dear company, I write to thee
To voice my concerns that make me uneasy
My workload's heavy, support is few
And it's been difficult for me to continue

Despite my struggles that I've expressed
Nothing's been done to help me progress
Sick days and leaves are hard to take
For there's no one to cover, a huge mistake

Returning to work is always a chore
With piled-up tasks, overwhelming to the core
Stress and overwhelm make me inefficient
Its' a vicious cycle, so maleficent

I've come up with solutions to ease my plight
A ticketed system to prioritize, might be right
Clear communication would also be nice
To avoid confusion, it must be precise

Low priority jobs, like doc uploads can wait
It's not worth the hassle and the mental state
And the Admin position that's still vacant?
It's a cause for concern, hire a temp agent!

My contributions and efforts seem undervalued
I feel unappreciated and this cannot be continued
I need better compensation, to help with the stress
This would make me feel appreciated and ease the distress

I'm aware everyone's busy, I'm not blind
But addressing these issues will clear my mind
I'm open to suggestions, let's work together
To improve my work situation, now and forever