choo choo

11/4/2023 - I'm currently in the process of moving house, which is tremendously stressful but also super fun and exciting!
But it kind of means that that wepsite posts have been slow recently sorry fanz. I'm working on writing a couple differnt articles which I hope my 8 trusty followers will enjoy to read, stay tuned to the vibes, my guys

THEN immediately after the move, I'm going on a holiday. Which is also fun and I'm sure that I'll need the relax time after this big transition. I'm finding it difficult at the moment because everything seems up in the air, and I need the stability of knowing the whole plan. I'm currently part way packing, I've no idea when the 'government' will get back to me about some kinda moving form thing, and I'm hoping the removal people will be able to deliver my stuff right after I get back from holidays.
I'm really looking forward to having sometime to tune out, finish reading some books, have a snorkle, and then return to my new holme with my wonderful girlfriend!
I guess thats all for now, because I got packing to do

27-4-23 It feels like a bazillion days since I've updated this site, which is sad. All my stuff was collected from my old flat a week ago, the gov form thing came through which island dope. Still no idea when my stuff is actually going to be delivered though 🙃
Although I officially left my old home the other day, it just feels like I am travelling away for a while. Very factual as I'm sitting on a plane right now!

20-5-23 Okay Okay! I am all holidayed out and had an amazing time.
more on that later maybe!
But now I am back to my new holme and have been for a week or two? Still lots of unpacking and tidying to do etc, but each day we're getting it more and more home-like