I have been watching a lot of Star Trek Voyager

What the fuck is a star trek

First of all, If you don't know what Star Trek is, let me explain really briefly.
"Star Trek" takes place in our future, in a society where we have managed to overcome capitlism & the patriarchy. Equality, free food, free housing, money does not exist. The dream, right?
Because of this, people have equal opportunity to develop themselves in whatever area they would like to (or not). The "value" of a person is not determined by material wealth, ancestry, by their colour of their skin or gender. In this society, "value" is placed on personal growth, self-improvement and the desire to contribute to the betterment of society... the dream, right??
Through this system, humans developed super fast "warp" flight technology in 2063, which caught the eye of some passing by aliens (Vulcans). That lead to "First Contact" and eventually, the formation of the "United Federation of Planets".
the Federation then go travel and explore space, because it's not been explored yet and its full of cool interesting things. They try to make friends along the way but don't interfere with non-spacefaring lifeforms. Theres a bunch of rules and regulaitons they follow, and a chain of command.
Nearly 200 years after First Contact, loads of fun space travel stuff happens in the classic adventures of James T Kirk and his boyfriend Spock. About another 100 years after that in 2364, Captain Picard and his boyfriend Data explore space together in Star Trek: The Next Generation, which is also a fantastic show.

Star Trek Voyager

Right, back to Voyager! this takes place in 2371 right after Next Gen finishes. It is a great sci-fi masterpiece about a spaceship called Voyager. The spaseship is lost in space on the other side of the galaxy, so they are all alone and have no help or contact from the rest of the Federation. The crew are trying to get home. I sure hope they make it!
Theres seven seasons of it and I've been watching it for like 3 months and I've still got more to go. Theres a good mix of peril and slice-of-life. Usually theres political and ethical dilemmas they have to face alongside fun sci-fi stuff going on like time travel, mind controling aliens or funky space anomaly stuff. Theres recurring bad guys & overarching plots but mostly each episode is contained. Each episode they are getting just that little bit further back holme. Its got everything you could want from a show and more. Romance, Action, Comedy. It is all 3 of the genres!
If I were to rename the show I would call it something like Oh No We're Lost in Space: The Voyage(r) Home & Making Friends with Aliens on the Way.

These are the characters:

Mr Neelix

Mr. Neelix is such a wacky Jar Jar Binks character. He loves to wear pastal colours. ADHD coded. He assigned himself as the morale support officer (a made up role) and also head chef. He's a people pleaser because its a trauma response beause his entire family died. He was dating Kes when she was 1 - 2 years old, which is problematic? (IDK theyre both aliens). Anyway, he is so resourceful and literally the backbone of the team. He's also got connections throughout the Delta Quadrent. he is literally the backbone of Voyager, he looks after everyone on the crew, he is protective of those that he loves. Tuvok is his best friend and he took such good care of him when he was sick.
We do not talk about Tuvix.

B'Elanna Torres

AKA BLT. Half Klingon, Half Human, Half sensitive baby. She is chief engineer which means shes super smort too. .. Along with Chakotay, she is a former member of the Marquee, who are some kinda rebels against the kardashians. Her an Tom Paris start going out but I dont see the attraction, there is zero chemistry. she got depressed when she found out all her old friends are dead :(
I think B'Elanna is a bit underused, amongst all of the characters she seems the most average?


I like this guy, hes cool calm collected. Sensitive, Spiritual... His character is a bit problematic because the writers cherry-picked elements of Native American culture & religion that they found interesting or exotic to create a really bad stereotype. It was the 90s and it was the style at the time. Other than that, Im 100% on the J/C Ship. He was also the Captain of the Marquee, so things were all a bit awkward at the start for a while. Soft Daddy of the ship.

Kathryn Janeway

AKA Captain Janeway. Determined badass bitch. Gives great speeches. Speaks with the voice of a disney villain. probaby best captain in Star Trek, ever. Capricorn coded. Big pussy energy all around, what more can you say.

The Doctor

"Please state the nature of the medical emergency." That line makes me laugh every time. So this guy is the Emergency Medical Program (EMH) and should only be used in an emergency, but since theres no other doctor on board* hes always activated. He's a sassy bitch who doesnt even want to be there. Because hes activated all the time, he develops a personality and becomes more human & he Struggles with what it means to be a human, relatable. A true AI rights activist. OH yeah! because hes just an EMH he doesnt have a name so he's trying to choose one for himself. I hope that he calls himself Speve at the end of the day.

*there are definately other doctors on board, I've seen them teal uniforms about.

Harry Kim

Hes just a baby. New kid on the block. He keeps trying to prove that he is not the baby, but remains to be the baby of the show. I think he should have been with Kes because theyre both literally babies. Definitely a sub. Oh and he plays the clarinet.
Fun Fact, Ke Huy Quan also auditioned for this role.


Autistic. Special interest = logic. Chief of security. Are Vulcans just a society of autistics getting their needs met? He is so fucking sassy & hilarious but the jokes go over peoples heads because hes so deadpan. Did I mention the 'tism?

Fun fact, Tim Russ shaved the ends of his eyebrows for seven years for this role.

Seven of 9

Borg, individual... unique. Disconnected from the hivemind. Struggles with what it means to be a human, relatable. The Borg are an authoritarian regime that forceably make people their slaves (drones). Drones have no freedoms or individuality. Borg want 2 things, more Borg and perfection, they are a purpose onto themselves.

Seven was assimilated into the Borg as a child, it's the only life shes ever known. After she seperates from the collective she has the support systems in place to un-mask grow as a human. She wishes to join in but is always seen as an outsider. Flat toned voice. Overlearned echolalia of Borg Phrases. Yep, another autistic coded charachter. She calls Janeway mommy.


The writers were like, "this show needs to have a psychic character" because it was the 90s and it was the style at the time.So we got Kes. She is an Alien and her species only live to about 7 years old & shes between 1 - 3 in the show and in an adult relationship 🚩 which is pretty wild if you ask me.
Her psychic abilities go full Tetsuo later on!

Tom Paris

AKA Captain Proton. Tom gets a lot of shit for being the least likable character, which is fair because he's a showoff & he objectifies women quite a bit. I think the writers were going for a typical "Average Jo" american, "relatable to the male audience" guy. It was the 90s. Actor Robert Duncan McNeill says looking back, he could have softened up the character a bit. It turns out Tom never wanted to be in starfleet, but was forced to by his father. Oh the generational trauma of the patriarchy. He is also the best goddam pilot in the Delta Quadrant, see you at warp 10 Mr Paris 🥲